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Who Attacked Dasari’s Daughter-in-Law?

Dasari’s Daughter-in-Law Susheela (First Wife of Dasari’s Son Prabhu) has been fighting for her share in the property since some time. Women Organisations has come in support of the Woman who got separated from her Husband. Now, Dasari Prabhu’s Second Wife Padma lodged a complaint against Susheela in Jubilee Hills Police Station.

As per the Complaint, Dasari Prabhu & his Second Wife Padma has been living in Jubilee Hills Road No.46. Susheela and a Woman identified as Sandhya had gone to their house at 7 PM on September 10th. The Two Women barged into the house and questioned about the whereabouts of Dasari Prabhu. They even attacked Padma with a stick.


Based on the complaint, Jubilee Hills Police filed a criminal case against Susheela and carrying out the investigation. Susheela has been firm on her stand that she should get the share in Dasari Prabhu’s Wealth.

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