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Trivikram Credits This Writer More!

Trivikram Srinivas is normally secretive and highly nervous before the release of his movies. Till Julayi, he never came for promotions prior to release. There was no necessary too. He came so much for promotions for Attharintiki Daredi and Son of Satyamurthy pre and post releases.

But he did not give any interviews for A..Aa and Agnyathavasi. He maintained a distance and after, Agnyathavasi, many thought he will be even more shy to face the cameras.

Well, Jr. NTR has decided to take him for promotions and Trivikram too is game for them. He is answering even for Agynathavasi questions but in one or two words. If Trivikram finds it a bit awkward, Jr. NTR is coming for his rescue.


The camaraderie between them is entertaining to watch and the movie buzz is incredibly increasing because of them. Trivikram is also giving maximum credit to Panchal Das for helping them to get an authentic idea on how Rayalaseema villages and dialect are.

He would be the first writer who will be getting credit as a writer for a Trivikram even in additional category. The whole situation is giving positive hope for NTR fans and they are just praying that content will be good too.

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