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Nagababu’s Counter To Kathi Mahesh

The war of words between Nagababu and Kathi Mahesh has been continuing. Mega Brother addressed the Critic as ‘neechudu’ and demanded Governments of AP/Telangana to punish him severely for hurting the sentiments of Hindus by insulting Rama and Ramayan.

Then, Kathi Mahesh shared a video message on his Facebook page targeting Nagababu and Mega Family. He not only mocked Mega Family for claiming to be Lord Rama devotees but also accused them of cheating public by selling PRP for package. He also held Right Wing Groups and Nagababu responsible if anything happens to him.

And now, Nagababu shared a new video in which he accused athiests and rationalists like Kathi Mahesh and Babu Gogineni of attempting to damage Hindu Traditions and Culture by targeting the gods despite being Indians. He introduced Zbigniew (Bujji), the kid from Britain, who have immense respect for Indian Culture & Gods. It’s then the Bujji sung the song, ‘Vinudu Vinudu Ramayana Gaatha…’ from ‘Lava Kusa’.

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