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It’s Official: Robo 2.0 Release Date!

Release Date of ‘Robo 2.0’ has become a biggest mystery after repeated postponements due to technical issues. In the recent past, Movie Buffs have stopped giving the film much importance as even Makers were unsure about the release date.

Finally, VFX Firms have given an assurance to ‘Robo 2.0’ Team over the final delivery date. Shankar announced officially that the sci-fi flick would release on November 29th, 2018.

Akshay Kumar who is excited about the release of his high budget movie asked his fans and movie lovers to get ready for the ultimate clash.

‘Robo 2.0’ would be Rajinikanth’s another outing in 2018. ‘Kaala’ which released recently bombed at the Box Office.

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