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Fun In Tirumala – Hero With Tonsured Head!

Unit Members of ‘Lover’ & ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ visited Tirumala Today. Dil Raju, Nithin, Raj Tarun, Actress Riddhi Kumar and Director Satish Vegesna had the darshan of Lord Balaji during the VIP Break.

Raj Tarun tonsured his head in Tirumala. Neither Media nor Fans fail to recognize him. Presence of Riddhi Kumar made it too easy for the public to find out the identity of the guy with tonsured head.


Though he appeared a bit uncomfortable when fans/media recognized him & sought selfies, Raj Tarun did agree to pose for the photographs. Riddhi Kumar once again stole the show with her cute expressions and girl-next-door behaviour.

Unfortunately, ‘Lover’ opened with mixed reviews and not so promising word-of-mouth. The end result could depend on the First Weekend Revenue.

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