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Are Balu and Ilayaraja still at loggerheads?

When two friends fight, it will leave many of people around them with scars.  You wonder if they will ever be normal again?

If such fight happens between two famous and popular legends, people who love them will feel like they are being punished.

The same has been true with singer SP Balasubramanyam and composer, Ilayaraja’s fight over royalty. Ilayaraja sent notices to Balu that he should not sing his songs, until the royalty issue is sorted.


Balu expressed deep hurt and said that he will not sing Ilayaraja’s songs anymore. Later, the rumours have come out that both are back to normalcy.

But in a recent interview Balu said, “The issue has hurt me deeply. I am not mad on him but he could have just told me that there is this royalty thing that we need to pay to him before, I started my tour and as friends more like brothers, we would have sort it out.

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